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Just reread Chapter 23 of Dalton

First off, I’m even more desperate for the new chapter. o.o i just can’t even whalkjdafdlkfjkdkdkkd. whyyyy.

Second of all— THIS:

"Logan paused and then glanced back to him. Bailey smiled more, knowing he’s at least given him something to think about. "I have to go back to work…but you, Tipton—you really have to stop working so hard to keep everything calm and happy."

"I’m not a Hanover, but I like harmony in Stuart House," the other boy responded. Logan just waved him off and left.

Bailey stood, watching him curiously with a bit of a smile. All things considered, this wasn’t the Stuart trio’s best moment, but it wasn’t the worst situation they’ve had either. Bailey thought the situation over and decided that if he actually pushed the right buttons, he might be able to get the whole mess sorted out. If he still had time, that is.”- Chp 23 “Showdown” from Dalton by CP Coulter. 

I’ve probably reached the phase in my obsession when I overanalyze every little detail and make bogus inferences or something, and maybe I’ll just end up disappointed but— BAILEY’S GOING TO BE THE ONE TO SAVE THEM ALL. JUST WATCH IT. NO ONE WILL SUSPECT LITTLE OL’ BAILEY TO COME OUT AND WHOOP THEIR ASSES INTO SHAPE, BUT IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN BECAUSE HE’S SECRETLY A NINJA.

Adam? He’ll put him in his place with just a little Bailey magic. 

Julian and Logan? Bailey will use his stealthy ninja skills to trick the boys into becoming boyfriends and their love will blossom and grow. 

Katherine? Duhhhh, he’ll find her a heart, he’s Bailey Tipton.

Micah, Shane, Reed? Pfft, please, Bailey Tipton can handle this love triangle. He’ll sort it out, so that Shane and Reed finally make ranebows in the sky with diamonds, and Micah will find closure and keep in touch and find love as well (preferably with Clark Sawyer, considering something has to be done with him since Julian is with Logan).

As for the person who dies? Well…uh…Bailey helps Murdoch accept the fact he’s terminally ill, and then stays by the professor’s side to comfort him when the time comes. The eulogy that follows is so beautiful and moving that everyone weeps flower petals.


But seriously, I feel like Bailey is going to play a really big part in these next few chapters. Keep an eye on him, he’s not as cute and harmless as he looks.

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