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Why Jogan is On: A critical reading of the Kogan scene in Blackout Part 4

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Kurt stared at him. After watching Logan unsuccessfully fiddle with his tie, he swatted his hands away and did it for him, but not without a sour expression. “You’re going to make it worse. You’re singing with us, we have to look our best for ourteacher.”

“I know. I came because Mr. Harvey…”

“I know.” Kurt let go and sighed. He looked at Logan. “You and Ms. Medel have the same look.”

Logan looked at him and glanced into the distance. “…yeah, maybe we do.”

A Kogan moment slipped into the tragedy of George Harvey’s funeral, so small and so discreet that it could slip by unnoticed if the chapter was rushed through.  While this moment does not seem to be a big thing— in fact, the act of Kurt fixing Logan’s tie is barely described— it is precisely the lack of detail that grabbed my attention, and the lack of detail which makes this Kogan moment the beginning of Jogan.

Rewind some chapters and recall with me how Logan used to be. We know how Logan is.  How he has always been.  When Logan loves something, he loves something with his heart and his soul, with the passion he pours into the music he sings and the music he plays.  His sheer passion is the reason why I love him— one of his surprising similarities with Blaine.  In earlier chapters, when Logan fell for Kurt and fell hard, he doted on the boy as though Kurt was a Greek God.  He bought him a mink, he went after Karofsky, he pushed and pushed— in fact, here’s an excerpt from Chapter 7: Sectionals that shows the intensity of how Logan treated Kurt.

"Kurt! Calm down!" Logan put his hands on his shoulders, staring at him. "Relax! I’m sorry—I didn’t mean to imply anything. I’m sorry, all right? Calm down."

Kurt was breathing hard and just glared at him with the minimum conviction necessary. He glanced away. “Just don’t talk about them like that.”

"I won’t, all right? I won’t…" Logan assured him. He had yet to let go of Kurt’s shoulders. He leaned down to him. "I still have to thank them, though. …if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have gotten to meet you."

He was uncomfortably close. Kurt averted his eyes, shrinking back just a bit. “…please let go of me.”

The difference between these two scenes are astounding.  Logan takes every opportunity to be there for Kurt, to take advantage of his emotional state which he perceives as fragile and panicked in order to touch him, be close and later, to appeal to Kurt in favor of himself. Now, I’m not saying that Logan was being simply manipulative in this moment or anything, he was just eager to try and help the boy he was falling in love with. But he goes to far and gets too close.

In comparision, this scene in Blackout part 4 is pretty much the opposite. Logan is completely out of it, lost in confusion and grief (grief which in Kurt’s opinion echoes that of Ms Medal’s, but more on that later).  He has the opportunity here to take advantage of Kurt, to ask for the same comfort that he had tried to extend so many months earlier.  And Kurt goes to him, gets close and fixes his tie. FIXES HIS TIE. This is something that husband and wives do, that partners do.  Logan’s breath should catch in his throat, his eyes should flicker down, and he should once again penetrate Kurt with his oh-so famous poisonous green stare. But he doesn’t.

He even looks away a beat after.  Logan just missed an opportunity to breathe in the boy he supposedly loves, but he doesn’t care. His mind is on much more important things. His mind is with Julian in the hospital.

When I read that, I knew. I knew Kogan was officially, completely over. I mean. I hope. If it’s not I will be so surprised. o-o

Kurt’s last comment also brings attention to Logan’s melancholy— but it does more than that.  It doesn’t just signal the end of Kogan, but the beginning of Jogan. How? It’s a subtle, masterful comparison of Jogan to Harvey and Medal’s relationship. These two couples are mirrors of each other.

Don’t decry me as crazy yet— here’s why.

The two couples are tragic in their own respects.  While Harvey and Medal (here forth referred to as Marvey) are lovers, they are forbidden lovers. Medal already has a husband.  Their relationship can’t work out because it shouldn’t, similar to how Julian is always on the outside looking in, though always deeply involved in Logan’s various relationships, despite Logan’s ignorance. 

Marvey, as you remember, are also friends. Not just friends— partners.  They work together in a close relationship, similar to how Julian is Logan’s right-hand man.

So with Harvey’s death, and Julian’s exile into a torturous slumber, Medal is left alone and Logan is left alone.  Their opposites have left them— their grief is mirrored in the other. Kurt, as perceptive as he is, is the one to show us readers the similarities. 

It’s not a hard jump to make. If Logan looks like Medal looks—Medal, who has lost her friend, her co-worker, her lover all in one fell swoop— then how can you not conclude that Logan also has a complicated, multi-layered relationship with Julian that goes deeper than mere friendship? The bond they share is not platonic.  If it was, he wouldn’t have a ghost in his eyes.

SO. In my non-expert opinion, Jogan is SO ON.

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